“The christology of our redemption”

Chris·tol·o·gy –the branch of Christian theology relating to the person, nature, and role of Christ.

Easter brings us the glorious news that our sins have been forgiven through Christ’s crucifixion and eternal life through His resurrection. But are there other benefits bestowed upon us through Jesus’ death and resurrection?

The answer is YES! And these “extended” benefits are primarily revealed in the New Testament and grounded in the work of Christ.  

For the next several Sundays we will examine several New Testament scriptures to discover and embrace all benefits afforded God’s people because of the finished work of Christ. Here are subject areas we will cover:


April  8
Christology of our Redemption 

April  15
Christology of our Redemption                                   

April 22
Christology of Grace




April 29
Christology of  Adoption                                                 

May 6
Christology of   Resurrection