Sermon Series for Lenten 2017

“Grasping the Heart of Jesus”

The 2017 Lenten season is upon us (March 1 – April 16). The major purpose of Lent calls for us to examine our hearts and engage in spiritual disciplines that will assist aligning our heart with the heart of Jesus. When our hearts are in proper alignment with Jesus, our relationship with God, people, and life overall will reflect harmony, unity, love, and peace. During Lent we will examine several significant “heart” characteristics of Jesus that we are to imitate daily. Becoming more Christ-Like is the goal of every Christian.

Here are some “heart” characteristics of Jesus we intend to examine during Lent:


March 12 – The Forgiving Heart
•    Sermon Title; The Forgiving Heart
•    Sermon Scripture: Luke 7:36-50

March 19 – The Compassionate Heart
•    Sermon Title: The Compassionate Heart
•    Sermon Scripture: Mark 1:40-45

March 26 – The Truthful Heart
•    Sermon Title: The Truthful Heart
•    Sermon Scripture: John 8:31-41

April 2 – The Intimate Heart
•    Sermon Title: The Intimate Heart
•    Sermon Scripture: John 15:1-8

April 9 – The Servant Heart (Palm Sunday)
•    Sermon Title: The Servant Heart
•    Sermon Scripture: John 13:1-17