“The 8 Incredible Promises of Romans 8”

Romans chapter 8 reveals eight significant and unshakeable promises God bestows upon His people; His beloved; His church. This journey through Romans 8 is designed to awaken us spiritually to these promises and reveal to us how best to apply them in our everyday lives. Come along for the journey for the next couple of months and be blessed! I promise you will experience more than you ever dreamed possible.


April 23
•    Sermon Title: Hallelujah – No Condemnation
•    Sermon Scripture: Romans 8:1-4

April 30  
•    Sermon Title: Secured for Sure!
•    Sermon Scripture: Romans 8:31-3

May 7
•    Sermon Title: Let the Testing Begin
•    Sermon Scripture: Romans 8:18-25

May 28
•    Sermon Title: Got Peace?
•    Sermon Scripture: Romans 8:5-8

June 4
•    Sermon Title: Standing Behind Your Daddy
•    Sermon Scripture: Romans 8:31-34

June 11
•    Sermon Title: Who’s Holding You Up?
•    Sermon Scripture: Romans 8:24-27

June 18
•    Sermon Title: All Things Work Together for Good?
•    Sermon Scripture: Romans 8:28-30

June 25
•    Sermon Title: Secured by His Love
•    Sermon Scripture; Romans 8:35-39