Our Sunday worship begins at 11:00 AM. Our worship last for approximately 1.5 hours. After each worship a “Chat and Chew” fellowship is conducted in our Fellowship Hall. Here a light meal is served to those who choose to attend and various conversation topics are discussed. The main purpose of “Chat and Chew” is to foster fellowship within the Park Hills family and allows us the opportunity to meet and engage visitors in conversation. 

Our Sunday crowd come from a diverse social-economic backgrounds. We are currently a predominately African-American church seeking to become representative of the ethnic diversity shift that is happening within our View Park community. Consequently, we have no standard dress code other than “come dress as you are”. Most people dress casually here, but being a diverse crowd—you will find some in dresses, some in pant suits, some in collared shirts, T-Shirts, jeans, and suits. We encourage you to wear what will make you comfortable. 

Your children are more than welcome to stay with you in the sanctuary for the entire service. However, we do conduct a Sunday school for kids from 3-12 years old. Our Sunday school runs concurrently with our worship service. Our Sunday school staff will teach your children the fundamentals of the Christian faith and how to live into them in daily life. 

Overall all, our Sunday worship is dedicated to giving glory to God in word, song, and collective presence; encouraging one another, and learning to love people where they are in life. 

sunday school

Adult Sunday School - 9:30AM
Youth Sunday School - 11:00AM

Worship Times

Sunday Worship Service  - 11:00AM
Chat & Chew Fellowship - 12:30PM


Wednesday Bible Study - 12:00PM

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