Navigating the F-BOMBS of Christian Growth

Failure / Fear / Faith Forgiveness

All living things have embedded within them the capacity to learn, grow and mature. The same holds true for any and all Christians who confess Christ as Savior and Lord. God has embedded within the gift of salvation the ability to grow and mature in our Christian walk. However, sometimes we falsely conclude Christian growth is “automatic” – it will just happen no matter the effort I put into it.

News Flash … it ain’t so.

Growth and maturity during any level of life’s journey requires effort and persistence on our part.

During October we will examine 4 significant areas that are absolute “must haves” for Christian growth and maturity. These areas are Failure, Fear, Faith, and Forgiveness. I realize some of these descriptives may seem a little unusual as relating to Christian growth, but they will make scriptural sense as we examine each one per Sunday.

So please invite family and friends to join us on this journey of discovery and growth.

Afterall, isn’t that one of the main purposes of life?


October 7 – Growing Through Life’s Failures

  • Scripture: John 21:15-19


October 14 – Growing Through Fears We Face

  • Scripture:2 Kings 6:11-18


October 21 – Growing Through Faith in God

  • Scripture: Habakkuk 2:1-4


October 28 – Growing Through Forgiveness

  • Scripture: Matthew 18:21-35