“Written in Stone and Hearts - The Ten Commandments”

The Ten Commandments: What comes to mind to most folk when they hear this term is the “thou shalt nots …” from God. Some interpret these commandments from the perspective as the primary means how God wants to keep human behavior “in line”. But suppose these commandments were meant not merely to control human behavior, but provide optimum means to enjoy life to the fullest? I contend, behind every “thou shalt not” commandment reflects life giving principles of how to really enjoy life to the fullest as God intended when he first presented these commandment to Moses on Mount Sinai.  

This summer, we will study the 10 commandments in depth; one commandment per Sunday with the mindset to discern and discover the “positive why” behind each commandment. It is my prayer that we all will gain insightful purpose and reason behind each commandment that will produce blessings in our lives, families, community, and future generations.

Come and check out one or more of these “heart” stirring sermons. 


July 16
Commandment #1 - Believe in the God Who Believes in You

July 23
Commandment #2 - Treasure the One Who Treasures You

July 30
Commandment #3 - Rest, Fun, and Worship

August 6
Commandment #4 - Disrespecting the Name of God? A No No!

August 13
Commandment #5 - Respecting Those Who Raised You


August 20
Commandment #6 - A Matter of Life and Death

August 27
Commandment #7 - Sexual Boundaries Required

September 2
Commandment #8 - No Theft Zone

September 9
Commandment #9 - Language Management

September 16
Commandment #10 - "Contentment 101"