“I AM COME” … An Advent Narrative


Have you ever played the game – “Hide and Seek”. The person chosen to find those who are hiding nearby is mandated to count slowly to 10 and then loudly shout – “Ready or not, here I come!”.

Approximately 2000 years, Jesus, the seeker and restorer of the human soul came to us, for us, as us. Throughout the Old Testament, heaven echoed the expectation “ready or not, He is coming”. Jesus, son of God, finally did show up in human form and led a following of lowly disciples that would change the destiny of all humankind from the least to the greatest.

Reflecting on such an extraordinary event of Jesus’ birth, it begs the question … “why did He come”? What was His purpose? How does His coming over 2000 years ago affect our lives in this 21st century? These and other questions will be answered during this 2018 Advent season. Here is breakdown of 2018 Advent sermon series.

·       December 9 – “I Am Come … To Pay the Price”

·       December 16 – “I Am Come … To Save the Lost”

·       December 23 – “I am Come … To Restore Life to the Fullest” ***