“Drawing Closer UNTO GOD”

Many have developed a misconception about God. One common misconception is that we can’t get too near to God because He is waiting to pounce and chastise us for our sinful ways.

On the contrary God wants very much to be up close and personal in our life’s journey. God is already as near as He can be to us. He calls us to draw closer to Him.

As we draw closer to God, we take on His divine character and our relationship with Him becomes more intimate. This sermon series will focus on utilizing some simple disciplines that will help us draw closer into His presence, bring healing to our broken humanity and transform our lives and life perspective.    


February 4
Up Close and Personal - Drawing Nearer to God 

February 11
Meditation – Food for the Soul                                   

February 18
Confession – Unchaining of the Soul




February 24
Praise – Releasing Burdens of the Soul                                                    

March 4
Prayer – Empowerment for the Soul                                                

March 11
Hearing – Divine Guidance for the Soul