Thanksgiving Sermon Series


In the musical play “The Wiz” there is a song entitled “Don’t Bring Me No Bad News”. The beginning lyrics go something like this;

When I wake up in the afternoon

Which it pleases me to do

Don't nobody bring me no bad news

'Cause I wake up already negative

And I've wired up my fuse

So don't nobody bring me no bad news


Unfortunately, such lyrics are representative of the negativism we face daily from sun up to sun down. Yet there are moments when giving thanks can make us see the good through the bad; the light in darkness; the love in midst of hate.

This sermon series is designed to instill within the heart and mind the necessity giving thanks regardless of how bad or good the circumstances we encounter. Visible and verbal offering thanks instills hope in the heart and provides a firmer foundation in trusting God in the good and bad times of life.  Here is a brief outline of the series. And please feel free to invite and bring people to hear how giving thanks can transform their life and circumstances.

Nov 4 - Title: “Times are Tough? Time to Give Thanks”

  • Scripture:  Mark 14:16-26


Nov 11 - Title: “Trusting in God’s Goodness? Offer Thanks”

  • Scripture: Psalm 107:1-15


Nov 18 - Title: “Worry Got You Beat Down? Rise Up By Giving Thanks”

·       Scripture: Philippians 2:4-9


Nov 25 – Title: “Wanna Get Your Praise On? Shout Out Thanks”

  • Scripture: Psalm 100:1-5